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At Adaptive Pediatric Therapy, we believe occupational therapy works best when it fits within your life. We offer pediatric occupational therapy in New Hampshire in our Stratham clinic and beyond. Bring us into your home, daycare or homeschool co-op. Not in our service area? Ask about our telehealth OT services for kids.

No matter how you choose to work with us, you’ll gain a better understanding of your child and feel more confident supporting them through everything from big life transitions to everyday challenges.


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Infant Feeding

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Delayed Milestones

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Functional Skills

APT behavioral issues

Behavioral Issues

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ADHD, Autism & Sensory Processing

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Picky Eating

Infant Feeding

Is your little one struggling to gain weight or having issues latching properly while breastfeeding? Maybe you’re experiencing bottle refusal or are finding introducing solids especially challenging. Whether your child has a tongue tie, lip tie, cheek tie or some other feeding challenge, OT can help.

Delayed Milestones

Every child hits milestones at their own pace. But if you or your pediatrician are concerned about delayed milestones, OT support is a great place to start. Whether your child has a developmental diagnosis or just needs a little push, our occupational therapists can provide key support.

Functional Skills

Every parent of young kids has some challenges getting them to brush their teeth, take a bath or use the toilet. But if your child is having an especially hard time, then OT could be a good fit. Our therapists can work with your child in their natural environment to build, practice and apply key life skills.

Behavioral Issues

Screaming, tantrums, hitting, biting or kicking – what looks like behavioral issues is often time a sign of an unmet sensory need or a lack of appropriate coping skills. A pediatric occupational therapist can help you and your child understand their triggers and find ways to proactively manage behavior.

ADHD, Autism &

Sensory Processing

Maybe your child is easily over-stimulated or bothered by certain sensory inputs. Or maybe you have a little sensory-seeker on your hand, constantly running, jumping, climbing and more. We can help you understand and fulfill your child’s sensory needs.

Picky Eating

Do your child’s eating habits need professional support? Our therapists are trained in SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) trained. We can support your child’s eating needs with a whole-child approach, reviewing their oral and motor function as well as behavioral and environmental impacts on eating.

Our Clinic

Our new Stratham, NH occupational therapy clinic continues to expand our support for our patients. Your child can work on a challenging skill in a new environment or just have access to our broad range of sensory play equipment.

A view of a New Hampshire occupational therapy clinic

Designed For Play

Swing, climb, jump and practice movement through play.

A baby crawls on the floor at a New Hampshire occupational therapy office

Space to Learn

Our cozy reading and art nook is a calming space to learn & grow.

A boy works with an occupational therapist at a New Hampshire occupational therapy clinic

Sensory Seekers Welcome

No matter what sensory input your child is seeking, we can help.

Get Started Now

We believe that parents and caregivers are our partners. When you work with Adaptive Pediatric Therapy, you’ll begin to better understand your child’s sensory, developmental and movement needs and learn how to support those needs – even after your appointment has ended.