Our Occupational Therapy Services

Explore how our New Hampshire occupational therapy services can help your child.

What Is Pediatric OT?

Our therapeutic methods are play-based with an emphasis on developmental intervention. We help children work towards a variety of goals, including motor milestones, self-care skills like feeding, dressing and grooming, play, fine motor activities including handwriting and cutting, sensory and emotional regulation. We work closely with families to identify specific goals and provide education to best meet your child’s needs. 

Ways to Work With Us

Clinic-Based OT Services

Our Stratham, NH occupational therapy clinic opened in 2022 and is ready to host your child for their appointment. With swings, climbing structures and quiet spaces for one-on-one evaluations and activities, the clinic is APT’s home base.

In-Home OT Services

If you aren’t able to come to the clinic or want to experience OT in the comfort of your own home, in-home therapy could be. good fit. In-home occupational therapy is available in the Seacoast region of NH, including most of Rockingham County.

Telehealth OT Services

Our telehealth OT services are perfect for families who live outside of our typical service area but still want to work with our therapists. Telehealth means you can stay up-to-date with appointments even if you’re traveling or under the weather.

Community-Based OT Services

We travel to clients’ daycares, playgrounds and other local community locations to provide evidence-based therapy in a child’s natural environment. We can help your child build new skills in the spaces where they’ll put them into action.

School-Based OT Services

Does your child attend private school or a homeschool co-op? We love working with private and alternative school families to provide in-school occupational therapy services in New Hampshire.

Who We Serve

Our New Hampshire occupational therapy services are designed to help children with a wide range of disabilities, motor delays and behavioral challenges. Explore some of the specific issues we can support below. If you’re not sure whether OT is right for your child, contact us to learn more.


Genetic Disorders


Neurological Conditions


Autism & ADHD


Torticollis & Flat Head


Sensory Processing


Lip, Tongue & Cheek Ties


Infant Feeding


Cerebral Palsy


Emotional Regulation


Vision Deficits


Motor Delays


Delayed Milestones


Learning Differences


Behavioral Challenges


& other needs

A New Hampshire occupational therapy specialist crouches down next to a child in a wet suit on the beach

How We’re Different

We believe that kids thrive when they can practice new skills in the environment they need to use them. Whenever possible, we’ll bring our New Hampshire occupational services into your community. From daycares, private schools and homeschoool settings to playgrounds, parks and your own backyard, we’ll work on specific challenges where they occur.

You’ll leave each session with a better understanding of how your child’s brain is wired. We’ll reframe the challenges you’re facing with your child so you can better support them at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our New Hampshire occupational therapy services? Explore our FAQs below or contact us to learn more.

How do I know if OT is right for my child?

There’s not always a clear answer when it comes to whether OT is right for your child. For many of our families, their pediatrician or other doctor has recommended occupational therapy to them. Other times, a parent may simply feel like their child could use some additional support with sensory seeking, sensory processing, coordination or daily tasks.

Either way, we always start with a thorough evaluation of your child. We won’t recommend OT services unless your child truly needs them.

How do you know what kind of support my child needs?

It all starts with the evaluation. We’ll chat with you and any other caregivers to learn more about your child and we’ll ask for relevant medical records to ensure we’re up to date on your child’s current care. Then, we’ll schedule a time to engage with and observe your child directly, either in person or via a telehealth appointment.

Once we’ve completed the evaluation, we’ll put together a treatment plan that is personalized to your child’s needs. We check in on progress regularly to ensure we’re always providing the support your child truly needs.

Where will our appointments be?

It depends! Our Stratham, NH occupational therapy clinic is open and ready for appointments. However, we also offer in-home, community-based and telehealth appointments to fit your lifestyle and your child’s needs.

If your child is struggling with school-based tasks, for example, we can bring our services to their private school or daycare.

How long will my child need OT services?

This depends on many factors. Some of our patients work with us throughout their childhood and teen years. Others only need OT support for a few months while working on very specific skills or building a sensory diet.

When we evaluate your child and put together a personalized treatment plan, we’ll also identify goals to work toward during appointments. We’ll check on progress toward those goals regularly, so that you’re always in-the-know and your child is only receiving the support they need.

Can you work around our schedule?

We certainly do our best! With options for clinic-based, in-home, community-based and telehealth appointments, we aim to help OT fit your family life.

We are also open from 8am to 5pm each week day, allowing for early morning or after school appointment times.

How much does OT cost?

It depends! While some of our patients do pay out of pocket for OT services, the majority use medical insurance to cover their therapy fees. In this case, typically only a co-pay is required for payment. 

Each insurance plan is unique, so be sure to check in with your insurance provider for more details.

Do you take my insurance?

We are proud to be New Hampshire occupational therapists that accept insurance. We want to make OT services as acceptable as possible.

Currently, we accept the following insurance plans:

NH Medicaid –  New Hampshire Healthy Families, Wellsense, AmeriHealth Caritas, NH Medicaid

Private Insurance – Anthem BCBS, Tuff, United HealthCare, ChampVA, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna

Please note: We require a referral from your PCP before submitting services to insurance. To learn more about costs for our OT services in New Hampshire, contact our office today.

How do we get started with OT services?

The best way to get started is to send us an email. We’ll have an initial conversation to learn more about your child, help you request a referral for our services from your child’s PCP and ask you to fill out some intake from.

Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll submit to your insurance provider to ensure our work is covered. Once it is approved, we’ll complete an evaluation to know your child and your family a little better and determine our recommendations for occupational therapy services.

After the evaluation, we’ll determine your child’s treatment plan and set an appointment schedule. 

Where We Work

We provide services in Seacoast NH, including most of Rockingham County. Our clinic is located in Stratham, New Hampshire but our therapists can travel throughout the Seacoast.

An example of towns in our travel area include:

Portsmouth | Dover | Hampton | Exeter | Stratham | Lee | Rye | Greenland | Epping | Newmarket | Newfields | Durham | North Hampton | Newington |

Outside of our service area? Send us an email to explore telehealth and other therapy options.

Payment Options

We aim to make OT services as acceptable as possible and are proud to accept a broad range of insurance plans.

Currently, we accept the following plans:

NH Medicaid –  New Hampshire Healthy Families, Wellsense, AmeriHealth Caritas, NH Medicaid

Private Insurance – Anthem BCBS, Tuff, United HealthCare, ChampVA, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna

We require a referral from your PCP.

Contact Us

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118 Portsmouth Ave, Building A      Suite A1A, Stratham, NH 03885